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Madison Kipatrick III

Madison survived working in corporate science and finance on his path to creative art as an emerging, mid-life writer. A black gay man, he writes speculative fiction with particular emphasis on BIPOC, female, and sexual minority inclusion, perspectives, and lead narratives. He has a special passion for high-concept idea generation, with a distinct talent for asking what’s out there and what if? Madison writes in several formats, exploring the storytelling possibilities and craft benefits in translating visual concepts or scriptwriting into prose fiction, and vice versa. In screenwriting, Madison exhibits aptness, aptitude, and interest in pilot generation, adaptation, original and contained sci-fi features, script coverage of the same, and science and science fiction writing assignments. His worst science-in-film moments occurred during Prometheus when characters discuss traveling “billions” of miles to an extrasolar planet and scientists take their helmets off for exploration. No!

Madison wrings out his creative juices in scenic New England, with the full support of his partner and begrudging support of his cat, Lena. He hasn’t earned fees for writing fictional work for film or TV, as of this moment, and seeks to enhance his Flamer pilot and publicize several other works this year—an additional pilot and a feature—with the goals of further developing his craft, these projects, and enticing a mentor and/or manager. As a longtime former Northern and Southern Californian, he has many contacts for work travel to Los Angeles.

Of note:

American College

Stanford University

Univ. of CA at Santa Cruz

CFP - Certified  Financial Planner                Morgan Stanley                                         

  • Financial Advisor: financial planning, investments, retirement planning, business planning. 

  • Developed a successful practice of scientists, LGBT, African American families, and company employees: biotech, PG&E, Port of Oakland, DEA. Practice development by company presentations.

MS, PhD research                Department of Biological Sciences                        

  • Skillset: Cell and Molecular biology experiments: cloning, PCR, sequencing, ELISA, DNA/RNA/CELL assays, flow cytometry, cell sorting, data analysis. Gene therapy, stem cell, cancer, HIV biology.

BS Degree, molecular biology.

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