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MK3 Script blurbs and opens:

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Flamer pilot: ep. 1 - Ignition

Jayson Flick, a proudly gay, popularity-hungry sophomore pays a price when he stands up for himself and others over a high school day--but he awakens from this trauma with hot latent abilities.

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Nova Amizonia Pilot

Science extrapolates that we'd need 40k men and women for a successfully diverse space colony...but do we? In Nova Amizonia, a colony, Caira, on a planet in the Centauri systems consists of a much smaller subset of female astronauts and a large, artificially intelligent sperm bank. The pilot opens the door on this experimental matriarchal society committed to stability, exploration, and the successful establishment of a longterm colony under the commitment to have many babies—and the political, sexual, and scientific dynamics that develop....

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I am crafting a feature, Legacy, that slowly reveals the selfless and brave act of a prehistoric African woman eons ago, which changes the course of humanity; and the contemporary black woman who finds herself experiencing the next otherworldly encounter.

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